What Is My American Year?

My American Year (MAY) is a leading non-profit high school exchange organization that places and supervises international high school and college/university students in private and public educational institutions in the United States on F-1 student visa.  The employees of MAY have been involved in placing and supervising international students for more than 30 years and are in contact with hundreds of high schools and colleges/universities throughout the U.S.  

The slogan used by MAY, "Connecting our Memories, Connecting our World", underscores that MAY does not merely place and monitor students, but also that MAY ensures that we help train and educate the next generation of leaders who can adapt readily to the changing realities of our world.  Our vision is a world where people and nations accept their differences, recognize their similarities, and share the long-lasting memories that we hope and help to create. 

We are proud to be able to make a difference by expanding students' minds and changing their lives.
Students placed and supervised by MAY come from all continents of the world in order to live either with a host family or in a dormitory.  In collaboration with the school and staff, we aim to change our world by supporting tolerance and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Our Difference 

My American Year sets itself apart from other placement organizations in that we offer students choices of schools that meet their desires and requests, whether they have special needs, wish to participate in sports or cultural clubs, need to upgrade their English proficiency, or have any other kind of special requirement.  Students choosing to begin their studies at a public high school will be limited to one year of enrollment, but they can easily transfer to a private high school which is authorized to sponsor F-1 students for subsequent years.  Students may also indicate the type of school that they wish to attend, such as a public high school while staying with a host family or a private boarding school.  Students can also express a choice of regions and even states, based on their preference for lifestyle, climate, and population.
Once students have expressed their preferred type of school, geographical location, special offerings, budgetary considerations, and the like, MAY will engage in research to determine high schools, colleges, or universities that meet these preferences and requirements.  MAY will then present a minimum of 2 options to the students that we feel meet their desires and needs.  If the student does not wish us to help apply to any of the options that we have presented, we will do further research in order to identify other institutions that best fit the student.  MAY will not proceed without full authorization from the student and his/her parents.  Students are responsible for non-refundable application fees that we submit on their behalf to schools, but MAY provides full refunds in the very unlikely event that the student is not admitted to any of the schools that we have presented and that the student and parents have accepted or if the student is denied an F-1 visa.
The many years of experience that MAY employees have had in the field of student placement and supervision guarantee that students will gain maximum benefit from their educational experience in the U.S. 

Our Board Members 2013

Roger Riske, Ph.D.

After 30 years as president of a non-profit international student exchange organization which sponsored students under a program designated by the U.S. Department of State, Roger retired from that position in 2008. He continues to work part-time on special projects. Among the projects are the establishment of a private high school placement program and now, as Executive Director of My American Year, a public high school placement program for international students on F-1 student visas.

Roger was an English teacher with the U.S. Peace Corps in Tunisia from 1964-67. After obtaining his doctorate in International Relations, he taught courses in International Relations, World Politics, and Comparative and International Education at UCLA from 1979-1989.

“The exposure, sensitivity, and knowledge acquired will be invaluable for the individual in his or her personal as well as professional development. My American Year will enable qualified students to begin to participate in an increasingly globalized world.” - Roger Riske



Let us introduce you to My American Year... Everyday, we are proud to be making a difference by "Connecting our world, connecting our memories."