Why study abroad?

It’s hard to find a reason why you shouldn’t.

An overseas study experience can improve your language skills while you explore a new culture and develop a sense of independence. Inside the classroom, you will learn English from native speakers. Outside the classroom, as you practice with American students, you will not only deepen your knowledge but also develop lasting friendships.

In particular, choosing to attend high school in the United States can provide you once-in-a-lifetime experiences while preparing you well for university. In the United States, extracurricular activities can be as important to your experience as academics. Choose a sport like football, basketball, baseball, or tennis, and compete with your team against other high schools. Or pursue your interest in the performing arts: most U.S. high schools stage plays and concerts throughout the year. Do you like painting, photography, sculpture? A studio art class might be for you. Whatever your passion, a well-rounded education in the U.S. can help you pursue it.

Studying abroad is not just about staying in school, of course. This is your opportunity to explore a new country. Going on field trips, visiting museums, attending concerts – these are all part of a My American Year experience.

Many students who attend high schools in the United States also have an advantage in admissions to U.S. universities. My American Year partner schools offer college counseling and application assistance to help you gain acceptance to the university of your dreams.

So, you’re thinking about studying abroad? Every day bonds are being formed between people all over the world. You can make your own connections by studying in the U.S.A!