How to apply

Why My American Year?

At My American Year, we know that finding the right program for study in the United States can be a challenge. Understanding what kind of program would benefit you the most can be overwhelming, as can the rigorous application and selection process.

With over 30 years of experience in sending students abroad and access to the best high schools throughout the United States, My American Year can help you at every step of the way. Taking into account your personal qualities, areas of interest, current academic achievements and parental expectations, we will help identify the right program for you. Then, we will guide you through the application process and support you during your time abroad.

Our Process

Contact us anytime at contact@myamericanyear.orgto get further details about the program and what My American Year offers.

Submit a pre-application form online by clicking here.Someone will contact you as soon possible to answer any questions that you have and begin the application process.
Once you are admitted, we will meet with you to discuss which study abroad options best suit your needs. My American Year allows you to select the state and the region in which you will study. Then, we work with you to find the particular school that best matches your academic profile and extracurricular interests. Each of the schools we work with has different benefits, though they all achieve high academic ratings.
During the study abroad period, My American Year continues to offer assistance to our students and their parents. We have international student coordinators living near our students, available for any needs or questions throughout the year.
Our application asks for information about you – your academics, extracurricular activities and interest in My American Year . Filling it out should take you about [x minutes / hours]. Then, My American Year will review your application, hold interviews with you and your parents and evaluate your English language proficiency. Once the process is complete, My American Year will send an official letter of acceptance. By acknowledging this acceptance, you are admitted into the program.
As the date of departure approaches, students participate in an orientation program organized by My American Year in preparation for time abroad (program format may vary by country). The orientation is an ideal time to ask any questions that you or your family may have. Should you require additional language training, we offer supplementary English lessons.
Your experience abroad will be memorable and life-changing, and we want you to share your experiences with us and with other students. Upon your return, My American Year will offer opportunities to meet other students and swap stories. And, we hope that you will be a resource for future students who want to follow in your footsteps..